About Us

Reading 4 Smiles, Inc. is a nonprofit agency that provides a tutorial service around reading, writing, and vocabulary for students aged 5 to 13. We work with students in group settings helping them deepen their knowledge within the different content areas while building the skills that they need for college and beyond.

Founded by Ms. Yawne Robinson in 2010, the program has rooted itself within the Long Island City/Astoria area. They have served students from public schools, charter schools, and private schools.

We provide a fun pathway to literacy to keep all of our students engaged and eager to learn more as they develop themselves for their future. Students work on individual projects, group projects, and get a chance to explore their learning styles every step of the way. All of our projects connect to oral presentations, the elements of reading, the elements of writing, and having students develop their confidence and pride within their work.

Our entire program is aligned to the Common Core standards so that our students are prepared for their future and success.

Our motto is Read. Learn. Thrive.

Preparing students for their future:

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Advance Your Child's Reading Comprehension

Students have the opportunity to dive deep into text and make connections. They learn to look for and understand meaning, purpose, and linkage to the real world.

Exploring Content

Students have the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge by engaging in a variety of topics like Ancient Egypt, Women of Power, Science, Inventors, etc.

Writing Development

All students have the opportunity to develop their writing and learn the three writing styles necessary. Persuasive, Narrative, and Informative Writing.

Internationally Diverse Student Community

Students have the opportunity to bring their culture and learning styles to us, and we have the ability of shaping them to be their best in the world.

Our Students Grow With Us

Students get to grow through our program starting from Kindergarten. Each year is different and we are there to support our students and family.

Test Preparation & Common Core

All of the work that we complete is aligned to the Common Core Standards. We also teach test taking tips and strategies to the students for assessments. Thorough learning and having access to practice is our method of test preparation.

Read. Learn. Thrive.