Summer Program

Summer Program

We also have a 5 week literacy based summer program. Our students learn and enjoy so much in our summer program. We teach Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science and Health, but the R4S way!

Each class is one hour and hands on all the way! Program hours are 8:45am to 3:15pm Monday through Thursday.

Course Description

Theater (Reading)

Students learn about character development,

scene setting, fluency, and memorizing.

Students either create their own play or

participate with a group in presenting their

version of an already produced miniplay.


Students learn about physics, chemistry, and

participate in different science experiments

that allow them to observe, analyze, and

discuss their findings.

Money Madness (Math)

Students learn about being financially

responsible with money. They learn to count

it, save it, and create it.They end the program

with a film presentation of their actual

business commercials.


Students learn about their bodies and eating

habits. They learn about the importance of

being fit and the nutritional value of the

different foods we eat.

Road Trip (Social Studies)

Students get to travel around the world

through our country studies. They study one

country a week and even get to eat treats

from the location.

Read. Learn. Thrive.